django-pyas2: pythonic AS2 server

Release v1.2.3. (Changelog)

django-pyas2 is an AS2 server/client written in python and built on the Django framework. The application supports AS2 version 1.2 as defined in the RFC 4130. Our goal is to provide a native python library for implementing the AS2 protocol. It supports Python 3.6+.

The application includes a server for receiving files from partners, a front-end web interface for configuration and monitoring, a set of django-admin commands that serves as a client for sending messages, asynchronous MDNs and a daemon process that monitors directories and sends files to partners when they are placed in the partner’s watched directory.


  • Technical

    • Asynchronous and Synchronous MDN

    • Partner and Organization management

    • Digital signatures

    • Message encryption

    • Secure transport (SSL)

    • Support for SSL client authentication

    • System task to auto clear old log entries

    • Data compression (AS2 1.1)

    • Multinational support: Uses Django’s internationalization feature

  • Integration

    • Easy integration to existing systems, using a partner based file system interface

    • Message post processing (scripting on receipt)

  • Monitoring

    • Web interface for transaction monitoring

    • Email event notification

  • The following encryption algorithms are supported:

    • Triple DES

    • RC2-128

    • RC4-128

    • AES-128

    • AES-192

    • AES-256

  • The following hash algorithms are supported:

    • SHA-1

    • SHA-224

    • SHA-256

    • SHA-384

    • SHA-512


  • Python 3.6+

  • Django (1.9+)

  • requests

  • pyas2lib